Edible Landscape?

Designing your landscape to be an edible landscape has become more popular during recent years.  This is where your garden takes center stage using edible plants, with an aesthetically pleasing appearance.  The edible landscape is becoming is becoming much more sought after these days.  I think it is because our  gardens become part of our final designs and has beauty.    All your hard work is rewarded in the end.   What exactly is landscaping that is edible and how do I plan my garden down the line?

What Exactly Is It?

First, you need to know it isn’t just about planting edible plants.   This type of landscaping takes your gardening to a new level.   It not only includes edibles like fruits, vegetables, and everyday herbs, but it will also include many plants that are non-edible.   Your edible landscape isn’t your everyday variety of gardens full of vegetables, it also ties all your plants together for a visually pleasing garden with beauty.

Whatever your individual desires are for plants should be included in your edible landscape.  It can include plants, bushes, trees, and even your favorite hanging plants.  To have a scheme that is well-planned and that draws the eye it is important as well as having  an organized  design with strong lines.

Can I Create One Myself?

So you’re not a gardening guru, well, you don’t need to be one to create a wonderfully functional landscape that is edible.   If you have an interest in growing edible plants with some time that you can devote to caring for this type of landscaping then you can attempt one.   While having a backyard that is spacious will definitely help give you much more variety in creating your design, it isn’t a necessity.   Even those dealing with just a small area can have success and design beautiful gardens full of edibles.

Is there a  special type of Space Is Required?

The only basic requirement to design an edible landscape is having some land to put it on.   There are always a variety of plants that you will be able to use in your design.  In your area, you will be able to incorporate grass, walls, rocks, and even open space.    Sketch out your desired area and add your creative touches.

Are there certain climates required?

Having lots of sun year round will usually carry the advantage, but by supporting your edible landscape you can make it happen just about anywhere.   Now that I’ve said that, you still need to do a little research for your region to find out which types of fruit, vegetables or herbs that will do best.    Don’t be afraid to ask your neighbors or friends that garden for added advice.   Taking a trip to your closest garden center can steer you in the right direction.  Usually, you can find a helpful staff member to recommend which types of edible and non-edible plants will work for you.

Where do I begin?

Beginning your adventure into edible landscaping means looking for info regarding the best plants for your local area.    Write down a list of all the plants you are interested in, and add some of your favorite flowers along with some other non-edible plants you would enjoy.   Then you’ll need to design it all into the grand scheme to create your beautiful garden.   To not get overwhelmed, remember to start out small.   Begin by highlighting plants that will bring out beauty and functionality to your landscaping.

Even though edible landscaping has gotten more popular in the last few years I’m sure it won’t be disappearing anytime soon.   It is a perfect way to integrate all the things that you love, like gardening, into a lovely edible landscape.   If you want the feeling of success, create yours, I’m sure you’ll experience so much satisfaction.


Reasons to Grow Edible Landscape Plants

Here are some  incentives to help get you started in your edible landscaping today.

  1. Getting back in Touch with Nature

It is especially hard getting outdoors as much as we need too.   Living in the city can definitely be a challenge.   Putting in the effort can be extremely rewarding when it actually happens.   By designing an edible landscape and growing plants you love provides you with your very own oasis and will ensure that your time will be spent there.

  1. Tension and Stress Relief

Gardening and digging into the soil is a great stress reliever.   This will allow you to unwind by being amongst plants, flowers, and trees.   You will find that your daily worries will be put aside for awhile.  Gardening and landscaping is the perfect way to let things go that make you feel tense and stressed.

  1. Saving Grocery Money

Landscaping with edibles is a wonderful way to improve your financial situation.  Even with a slight startup cost, you will save money down the road.    By growing produce yourself you’ll be able to save on  your grocery bills.

  1. Being able to ensure High-Quality Food

When we buy produce from the store, we are putting our trust in many people we have not even met. Conventional produce is often loaded with pesticides, herbicides, and many other things we may not know about. Growing your own food is a wonderful way to be aware of what you are putting into your body, as you can make the choice to garden organically. And who wouldn’t want all that tasty produce at their disposal?

  1. Establishing a Family Bond

What better way to spend more time with loved one than gardening?   The care given to watering, weeding and caring for your edible landscape can be done as a family.   Time spent with your family caring for your garden is quality time and a common goal.

  1. Some much-needed exercise

Gardening is a wonderful way to get some much-needed exercise.   It is considered a significant exercise, although you probably won’t immediately identify that it a workout.   But with the bending, carrying, pulling, dragging, and digging, it provides much to your physical health.   There have been studies done on gardening and it has been shown to help in lowering the risk of osteoporosis, diabetes, and many other health conditions.

  1. Getting a good nights sleep

Have you ever wondered why you get a great nights sleep after gardening?   All of the exercise it provides is one reason, but other factors are the significant time you spend outdoors soaking up the sunlight and fresh air.   People with mental health issues provided with horticultural therapy have been found it improves sleep patterns.

With all the wonderful reasons to start your very own edible landscape, I’m sure you will come up with your own personal inspiration to begin.   Just start with why it is important to you and what benefits you’d like to gain.   You can literally reap whatever you can sow!