Mesquite trees belong in Arizona. As Jay Sharp, editor and author for the site DesertUSA.com, expresses, “the mesquites symbolize our Southwestern deserts” as substantially as “the Coyote, the Black-tail Jackrabbit, the Western Diamondback, scorpions, the Saguaro and prickly pear cacti.” Indeed, mesquite trees in Arizona are “as blended into the life of the land as cornbread and tortillas.” (Lometa)

Perfectly Tailored to the Desert

Mesquites are extremely hardy desert trees, having tailored around the generations to life in the desert landscapes in and all over Arizona. All of their actual physical characteristics assure their survival in this article, together with their foliage, their bean pods, and their root units. They improve nicely in complete sunlight and substantial temperatures, but will also tolerate the cold through Arizona’s winter (down to 0º Fahrenheit). They are often uncovered in somewhat substantial elevation and will adapt to shallow rocky soils. According to studies by the U. S. Office of Agriculture and Forest Support, a…