When growing up, I was introduced first hand how to use Chicken Manure for fertilizer. My grandparents had been avid gardeners, and keeping that in mind, a major part of the day as a child was used  sitting down at the counter and collecting foodstuff for the compost pile. At that time, those were the days when vegetables were peeled regularly so it was always full.  My granddad would carry it out to the compost bin and after a short time, it would generate an abundant of fertilizer for the soil.  Since he was the one to actually compost, I was not introduced to chicken poop fertilizer until eventually grew older.

I was fortunate to grow up with the knowledge of composting, and later on, I moved on and started a backyard garden and landscaping of my own.  With my previous experience and research in composting and fertilizing, which I then investigated the uses of chicken manure as fertilizer.  In the beginning, I discover through trial and error that I lost much of my vegetation because I did not choose to make the time or investment in the ideal soil.

After a couple of friends advised me about how to use chicken manure as fertilizer and how good of a natural and organic compound it is for the garden, did I then experiment on the effectiveness of using chicken poop!  While growing up under no circumstances would I listen to this kind of an idea from my grandparents.  Granddad knew his stuff when it came to chickens, I remember stories of how he moved around the country working on chicken farms! If anyone knew the uses for chicken manure he surely would.   But of course, years later, I find out it truly is a wonderful low cost, organic, and simple and alternative for fertilizer!