We will cover several ideas in this article of How to Start A Lawn Care Business and Be Successful, and get a great start!  In my experience, I would say that most lawn care or landscaping businesses employ a modest (2-4 staff members) and  have  the skills to handle only a specific number of buyers for each calendar year. Once the lawn care organizations establish their core clientele during their 1st year in business, many find they really don’t need to advertise after that point. Their business will then continue to build due to referrals from prior or recent jobs for clients, which typically is made up of neighbors, friends, or co-workers.

New season brings too many service calls

Every new season that comes, they have far more calls come in than possibly can ever be fulfilled. I have discovered this is the number one complaint from lawn care professionals and landscapers.  It’s simply hard to contemplate being in any other field that would have this same problem of turning down customers!

Throughout the Spring, the main issue being addressed is being overwhelmed with the calls that are pouring in. This is one of those services that are in great demand during the warm months of the year, and that many people are truly willing to pay someone to perform this service no matter the cost because they believe it’s worth it just to have it completed.

Planning is important

Planning is the most important element to your new business. Be cautious in the beginning and don’t become overwhelmed by taking on too much new business all at once, you don’t want it to grow so rapidly that you won’t be able to complete what has been promised to your clients, this will only hurt your reputation in the long run.

Keep in mind that you will have equipment costs, repairs to your equipment, and costs of fuel just to name a few. And who will complete the jobs?   Hiring trustworthy, and dependable employees can make or break your new business.  Having a plan from the start and several tips from how to start a lawn care business will definitely help you become a success in your new lawn care business or landscaping entrepreneur.