Vertical Gardening

Oftentimes there are items that have been abandoned and we don’t have a clue of what we could use these items for, and just don’t want to toss them out.  Sometimes simple things like a shutter or old door can become a place for Gardening Vertically for the Unusual .

With some thought and planning, these items can be transformed into a small garden.

Adding an old leaky watering can, or planting vertically on a louvered closet door or shutter, or maybe a tea cup and making it into a new garden will work.  Place an old wrought iron chair or bench nearby and it will give you a quiet resting place for relaxation.

Prop an antique window or door on a barrel and design your garden, it will transform the area into something unusual for your or your guests to visit.

Almost anything can be made into a small garden, you are limited only by your imagination.  Rather than your garden taking up precious space, you can do some Gardening Vertically for the Unusual  and save space.

To provide interest in your overall plan, small garden areas will compliment your bigger spaces

Rather than forgetting about the lovely things or spots of the past will some thought these items can become your favorite things along with being added to your favorite spots in the yard.