What is the proper method of cat litter disposal? If your cat is not litter educated, the answer is uncomplicated – cleanse up the poop with tissue paper and flush it, mop up the pee with a lot more tissue paper and flush it. But what do you do immediately after your cat does its business in the litter box? Can you however get rid of it the similar way – is the cat litter flushable?

That depends on no matter if it is pee or feces, and what style of cat litter you are utilizing. If you use sand for your cat&#39s litter box, you must not flush it. Even although not substantially sand will adhere to the cat poop, your rest room will choke up in the extended operate. The similar goes for the other two primary sorts of litter: clay cat litter and clumping cat litter. The plumber&#39s invoice to unclog your pipes will bankrupt you.

If you use crystal litter, which is created of silica gel, your position of cat litter disposal is a bit easier. Crystal cat litter absorbs cat urine into alone with no clumping, so it is flushable in small amounts. Not substantially…