Garden Weasel Garden Claw Review

The Garden Weasel Garden claw is a multifunctional handheld garden tiller. It offers 4-in-1 functionality for the avid home gardener, allowing you to cultivate, loosen the heaviest of soils, aerate them and perform some light weeding. It is ideal for optimizing the condition of your garden and in the process ensuring the healthier growth of your plants.

The garden hand tiller allows you to work the soil without having to bend over, thanks to its long design suited for working upright. You can use it to cultivate your soil for better absorption of water and proper aeration, loosen any hard-packed soils or you can even use it to turn compost. The versatile tool comes with a number of features that makes it very useful for some light gardening at home.


Key Features

1. Body

The handheld tiller features a lightweight steel body that is durable and strong enough to penetrate hard-packed soils. The steel body is also very light, making it easy to handle and manipulate without getting tired.

2. Grip

You can spend hours working in your garden without having to worry about blisters on your hand’s thanks to its comfortable and ergonomically designed bicycle handlebar grip. With it, you can easily twist the angled teeth with a force that is enough to loosen even the heaviest soils. Furthermore, it can be operated by both left-handed and right-handed individuals.

3. Teeth

The teeth of the garden hand tiller are angled for effective twisting using minimum effort. The angling also provides more precise operations, thereby preventing you from damaging surrounding plants when weeding. This allows you to work fast without exerting too much force in order to get your desired results.

4. Length

The garden tiller features a 38-inch steel body that allows you to do all your garden work without having to bend. For taller individuals, the body is extendable to 42 inches thereby offering a better reach and better control for an optimized gardening experience. Its length also facilitates weeding of places under the deck or staircase.


· Minimum effort required when operating the Garden Weasel garden claw

· The lack of bending makes you less susceptible to back pain even after working for a long time

· Angled tines provide effortless cultivation, weeding, loosening and aeration of the soil

· Comfortable grip enables you to work for long periods of time and also gives you enhanced control over the tool


· Tines may be too brittle for some densely hard-packed soils

· It is not ideal for heavy-duty gardening tasks